iBOLT: Professional Grade Mounting Solutions for Mobile Devices

Why iBOLT?

Mobile devices, both smartphones, and tablets have become essential to our lives. Whether you are on the job, on the go, or at home, our passion is to make your device work as hard as you do.


iBOLT offers a full range of mounting solutions for cars, trucks, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and anywhere else that mobile devices are used.

Through in-house engineering and years of experience, we strive to develop proprietary products that are functional, stylish, rugged, and affordable. In addition to mounting hardware, we offer a variety of electronic and software accessories to fully enhance your experience and the capability of your mobile device.

Our story

How we got our start?
When iBOLT was first founded in 2011, we focused on developing integrated car dock solutions and mobile apps that turn any smartphone into a convenient and safe driving companion. When industries began to implement devices in the workplace, we began expanding our products to suit those needs.


What makes our products unique?
Today, we have over 300+ different modular parts and products that can be combined to create a unique mounting solution for you. We manufacture our products in a variety of materials and sizes requested directly from our customers and strive to create products that will last in their environments.


Why do we love what we do?
We love being able to create products that fit many different industries and uses. Our motto is “Make your device work as hard as you do” and that is exactly what we do. We love making it easier to use the devices you rely on on a daily basis.

Make your device work as hard as you do!

Build a Custom Mounting Solution

How can we help you?

Make your device work as hard as you do with iBOLT Mounts! Reach out to us to discuss custom mounting solutions, join our affiliate community, or with any questions in regards to our products.


iBOLT proudly backs all of our products with a limited 2-year warranty and constantly improves our products based on input from our community. Submit your feedback today! We would love to hear it!