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Become an iBOLT Re-Seller

The iBOLT brand offers re-sellers new and excellent products to build valuable sales both online and in brick and mortar locations. With the highly attractive xProDock, sPro2, miniPro, and other great products, retailers can benefit from adding products that are unique, well designed and priced right!

iBOLT is looking for a limited number of “Authorized Resellers” around the world. If your business is positioned to sell high quality products at MSRP with a great service commitment, iBOLT may be a great addition.

  • High quality and proprietary. 
  • Attractive retail packaging that will drive sales. 
  • Great price points coupled with the right margins. 

If you are a Retailer selling high quality accessories, please take a minute to fill out the form on this page. An iBOLT sales associate will contact you in the following days with more details.