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Empowering Content Creators with the iBOLT Stream-Cast Series

The iBOLT Stream-cast line was designed with the ever-changing needs of content creators in mind and continues to evolve with input from individuals like you!

Securing your Device because you have other things to worry about

One of the main concerns with mounting your device in your vehicle is “will my tablet be secure?”. Well, iBOLT has you covered with a variety of locking tablet cradles built with your security needs in mind

For Photographers

If you are a hobby or professional photographer these mounts are great for live streaming, taking overhead photos or videos, recording unboxing, and more!

Action and sports shots have been all the rage since the GoPro has hit the market. These mounts are convenient to take with you on the go or keep in your gear bag without taking up much space.

For Restaurants

If you use tablets for delivery applications such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates managing those tablets can get a bit messy, especially in a restaurant setting.

Each one of these applications requires a different tablet of devices to effectively manage delivery and pick-up orders.

 These mounting solutions are also great for point of sale applications, wall mounting displays, and inventory management.

For Bakers

If you are a professional chef or you are just looking to learn, these tablet mounts are great for recording videos and tutorials, looking up recipes, making grocery lists, or just keeping you entertained while you are in the kitchen.

Record close-up so your audience can taste the food you are making or get the unique overhead shot so they are with you at the moment as your cookies come out of the oven.