What Do I need for an Overhead Livestream Setup?

What Do I need for an Overhead Livestream Setup?

Unless you have been off the grid over the last few years you have probably been introduced to the overhead camera view through a how-to-video or something similar. YouTube and live-streaming videos have been utilizing this technique for years, and its popularity is sure not to fade anytime soon. The reason for the overhead cam’s popularity is due to its ability to articulate any hands-on process to the viewer effortlessly and unimpeded by unwanted objects or clutter in the shot. Today we give you the equipment to make it happen and show you how to set up that equipment so you can get your own professional overhead shots for your video or live-stream.


You have a YouTube or Twitch channel with a great following or maybe you have built up an audience on Facebook Live and you want to keep that audience entertained. Depending on the content you are sharing, an overhead view may be just the angle to keep the audience focused on your content and engaged with your brand. For instance, maybe you have killer reflexes with a gaming mouse, and you are owning your opponents in Call of Duty Warzone or Apex Legends? A great overhead shot of your mouse as you play can make a great complementary view for your audience. Game streaming has become so popular, and most streamers are looking for ways to stand out. The overhead shot of your peripherals or immortal hand speed will definitely entertain!


Maybe you have a channel where you show off your cooking or baking skills. These live-streams are especially suitable for the overhead camera view. Having a well-defined cooking area that shows all your ingredients will pull the audience into your process and help them learn your recipes and techniques.

Many artists on Behance (Adobe’s social network for creatives) use an overhead view to show in real-time their illustrating, painting, or other techniques. The overhead camera setup here shows artists’ processes, hand strokes, technique, and quite possibly their whole creative arsenal.

Many how-to videos benefit from an overhead view. From building with Legos to carpentry and woodworking. It simply gives the audience the best view of your work or niche without clutter or unnecessary objects in view.

The overhead view gives the audience the benefit of seeing your point of view uninterrupted. This draws the audience closer to the subject being live-streamed while keeping them entertained. Now your instruction is interesting and on point.

One thing to mention about the overhead view is that the audience will rarely see the presenter. Some well setup live-streams will use multiple cameras to provide multiple views. These cameras can be switched using devices or software during the stream. So, at times the camera can focus on the presenter then be switched back to the overhead view depending on the direction of the stream.


Now onto the equipment!


As you are probably aware there is much setup and positioning of equipment to make the magic happen. Proper camera placement and lighting will make the difference between an amateur production or a professional broadcast. So, what is needed to get that perfect over-the-head shot?

There are all sorts of cameras available to use for your next over-the-head how-to video or live-stream. From GoPro cameras and iPhones to all-out professional DSLR cameras. Depending on your budget and your needs the choice of camera is yours, but the great thing is that even lower price cameras now provide the visual quality that is suitable for most DIY live-streamers.



iBOLT has been manufacturing mounts and clamps for tablets, action cams, DSLR cameras, lights, and other recording equipment for years. Our attention to detail and versatility are paramount to our quest to provide the best mounts and clamps for your professional-level productions and setups. iBOLT mounts excel at versatility and are quite portable (unless you are looking for a more permanent solution for a studio, we have those too) allowing for professional-grade live-streaming no matter where you are.




No matter what camera and equipment you decide to use for your setup, the following mounts will help you get that perfect overhead view for your audience.

The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Ceiling / Wall Mount is one of our newest products and can mount a full DSLR camera. The mount bolts right into the ceiling or wall (one of those more permanent solutions we discussed earlier) and is perfect for studios and permanent work areas. The mount is Heavy Duty and compatible with DSLR cameras and accessories totaling up to 4 lbs.

This mount is also ideal for smartphones and action cameras. The mount is compatible with all industry-standard ¼ 20” cameras, adapters, and accessories weighing up to 4 lbs.

This bolt-in mount is great for live-streaming in a studio or permanent work area. Many regular live-streamers that present how-to videos like cooking and baking, building, or repairing items from their own studios will find this mount very beneficial. The mount’s multiple adjustable arms can be positioned precisely to get the best shot from above the work surface. The mount’s knobs feature a ratchet tightening system that will help keep vibrations from interfering with the camera.

The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Ceiling / Wall Mount is a workhorse in the studio and will benefit any content creator.

 The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Camera Rig will help you get the shots you need in a more portable format as it attaches directly to the side of a desk or other firm structures. It has a telescoping arm that can extend its reach from 34 inches to 53 inches, which provides enough height for overhead shots or has the ability for front-facing shots as well.

The real advantage of this mount is its ability to travel with you to any location. It’s easy to bring along for destination shoots and fits nicely into a backpack or other carrying bags. This ensures you can get the best overhead shots no matter where you are creating content from.

This mount is also compatible with all industry-standard ¼ 20” DSLR cameras, video cameras, projectors, microphones, lights adapters, and accessories weighing up to 5 lbs. No matter what devices you want to use for your shoot, The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Camera Rig can manage!

This portable mount is great for on-the-go content creation. Artists will find this mount especially versatile as it will allow for attachment to coffee tables and desks. An artist can record or live-stream from wherever they are comfortable. The unique perspective of the over-the-shoulder look at the artist's process is very engaging.

Action and sports shots have been all the rage since the GoPro has hit the market. So, try some interesting vantage points. Use the The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Camera Rig to mount to the top of a halfpipe while skateboarding or rollerblading for some really cool overhead looks. Or mount to the rocksliders of your favorite off-road vehicle and get a shot of a rock climb or mud pit dash. The possibilities are endless.

The iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Camera Rig and the iBOLT Stream-Cast Overhead Ceiling / Wall Mount are versatile mounts that support many needed devices for your video shoots, livestreams, and content creations such as microphones, recording devices, mobile devices, tablets, and lighting, either out of the box or through additional add-ons.

We at iBOLT would love to see what you're creating using iBOLT mounts and accessories. Use #iBOLTmade to show off your greatness!

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