5 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Audience With An Action Camera using iBOLT Mounts

5  Ways To Increase Your YouTube Audience With An Action Camera using iBOLT Mounts

5  Ways To Increase Your YouTube Audience With An Action Camera using iBOLT Mounts

Action cameras are great devices for capturing footage of your favorite outdoor activities. Even for their size, they can deliver surprisingly high-quality videos and take the kind of photos you won't get with a regular camera. However, it can be hard to know how to shoot the best videos with your action camera. The tips listed below will show you how to film better videos using your action cam and make sure everything goes well when you have your action camera out.

5. Respect the Rule of Thirds

You might be asking yourself right now "what is the rule of thirds?". The rule is a guideline for composing a picture or video. The rule of thirds places your subject in the left or right third of the screen, leaving the other two-thirds open for other possibilities. The rule of thirds gives perspective to a shot. Ideally, the empty space that’s left should be in the direction the antagonist is looking or walking towards.

When should you break the rule of thirds? The only time you should center the subject of your photo or video is to highlight lines of symmetry and patterns in a way that the rule of thirds does not allow for.

Whether shooting photos or videos the rule of thirds 

4. Plan Around “The Golden Hour”

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are essentially nature's ring light for photography. Plan your photo shoot with these two times in mind because they can certainly have an effect on the quality of your video. “The golden hour” is also called “the magic hour” because if you shoot away from the direction of the sun everything will be illuminated with a soft and golden glow. The warm light from the sun's rays makes it easy to balance the exposure of an image.

3. Identify a subject matter you are passionate about

When you’re out filming all day it winds up in a lot of storage being taken up and more editing than you really need to do. You don’t want to capture everything. Make it a point to enjoy yourself rather than the former. Find your niche! It will give more authenticity to your footage rather than if you were trying to capture every moment of the activity. 

Understanding what you like to shoot means knowing what shots work for you. It could be unloading when you reach your destination and packing up when you leave the destination, mixed in with a couple of in-the-moment shots.

2. What FPS should you shoot at?

24-30 FPS is generally what’s used for recording normal and gentle movement i.e. interviews and live broadcasting. 60 FPS is better suited for recording swift movement and action footage because it can be used to slow down the footage. The slowed-down footage will appear crisper since it has double the frame rate of 30 FPS. If live sports events were filmed in 30 FPS slow-motion highlights would appear choppy and stuttering. It is key to know your environment when you're filming action shots.

1. Having the right Mounting Solution for your Action Camera

Finding the right mounted solution for your action camera is probably the most difficult part of trying to create content. Knowing what you want to use the action camera for, will help a lot in determining the appropriate mount for you. Click the link to our Custom Confgurator and build the mount best suited for you.


You have your camera out on a mountain trail, kayaking down some rapids or on the beach. The possibilities are nearly endless for action cameras, and you want to make sure your camera is able to perform well in a variety of situations. The tips here can help you produce better videos than ever before with your action camera. They'll show you how to make the best use of the features that come with your camera and how to film high-quality footage for each occasion.

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