Mounts to take off-roading in your Jeep Wrangler

Mounts to take off-roading in your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has been synonymous with adventure for years. Created in 1941 as a transport vehicle for the US Army during WWII, the Jeep has a long history. The first Civilian Jeep, or CJ, was produced in 1945 and has stayed relatively consistent in its appearance and off-road prowess. It wasn't until 2007 that the Jeep Wrangler JKU was conceived to provide more room for adventurous people with families when Chrysler introduced the first-ever 4-door Jeep. It is still a hot seller today, with Jeep Wranglers providing fun both on and off-road. If you have an adventurous spirit and love driving where few dare, this post is for you. What are some essential iBOLT Mounts to bring along on your next off-roading adventure?



Let's be real, Jeeps do not possess a smooth ride. They are intentionally rigid and rough, even on the highway. This makes mounting a phone in an easy place to view or a tablet for navigation a problematic task. Today we are going beyond the road and to the trail. To a Jeep enthusiast, off-road trails are what owning a Jeep is all about. A day out in the rough terrain with a few other off-road companions is a typical summer Saturday afternoon. So, what gear comes along for the ride?

Our first suggestion is a tablet for navigating. A topographic map app like AllTrails helps navigate unexplored terrain, making tablets essential for an off-roading adventure. The hard part is mounting that tablet in a spot that is easily viewable while driving. The TabDock Bizmount AMPs have two adjustable arms, 360-degree rotation, and sports a standard AMPS pattern. This mount can be drilled and secured right to the dash of a Jeep, giving a secure location for a tablet from 7 to 10 inches. With the rocky terrain many off-road enthusiasts crave, this mount will keep your tablet in place no matter how bumpy the trail.

Need a secure mount for your cell phone? Try the iBOLT RoadVise Bizmount Clamp. It is a heavy-duty smartphone clampable claw mount. This baby will keep your phone in place and not on the floor. The claw clamp can attach right to your passenger side grab-handle or any after-market grab-handle attached to the roll bars, A-pillar, or B-pillar like these solid steel Grabars. Because the RoadVise Bizmount Clamp is adjustable, you can connect it to any sturdy point in a Jeep.


Who doesn't love an excellent off-road video? The terrain is beautiful, but what everyone really wants to see is if the Jeep will make it up the steep hill or over the chasm that looks just a little too wide for the Jeep to traverse. Every off-road videographer's dream is getting video of the undercarriage as the Jeep crosses over the chasm below or the impossible climb up the almost 90-degree rock face. A sturdy mount is required to get a steady viewable video. That's where the claw mount comes back into play. While it is great for a cell phone, the mount's versatility makes it must-have equipment for the off-roading action camera enthusiast.

The Jeep's roll bar diameter is 2.25 inches, and this iBOLT 25mm / 1 inch Ball to Clamp Post can be attached to a 2.50-inch pole, making it perfect for mounting an action camera or GoPro to a Jeep's roll bar cage. When the Jeep's top is off, this can allow you to get footage from above the trail. Attach a 360 camera to the top of the roll bar and you will get some epic shots!

You can also use this same clamp to mount to the bottom of the Jeep on the rock sliders that run along the bottom just under the door wells. Rock sliders are usually 2 inches to 2.25 inches in diameter, and their purpose is to prevent damage to the body of a Jeep as it crawls over large rocks and other obstacles. When mounted to the rock sliders, it is possible to get unique video from under the Jeep as it traverses rough terrain. Just be careful not to forget about your action camera!

You can also attach to the rock sliders to get the side and backward shots from behind the Jeep. By now you should know just how versatile the claw clamp mounts can be. There are many iBOLT accessories and additions that can be purchased and used in tandem with the claw mount to give the off-roader an arsenal of options to attach any gear to the equally versatile Jeep Wrangler. You can buy the clamp and add it to other iBOLT mounting kits, or it comes packaged with these specific setups.

Whether navigating with a tablet device or filming your off-road adventure with multiple action cameras, iBOLT has a mount for you. As an off-road enthusiast, rest assured that when you buy iBOLT mounts to hold your gear on the trail, our mounts stand for quality.

iBOLT™ 20mm Adjustable Aluminum Ball Cup Holder Mount

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