iBOLT Mounts for Road Trips

iBOLT Mounts for Road Trips

It's hard to believe that we are more than halfway through the summer season. With the recent delays and cancellations that are so common nowadays with flights, in addition to the rising cost to fly, many who still want to stretch their legs and see the world have turned to road tripping to their destinations. It's so much easier to pack the kids, dogs, and luggage all into a car than deal with the hassle of waiting in line for security. Plus, you get on with the adventure right from the start. But that's not to say that road tripping doesn't come with its own headaches, including grumpy, restless, and bored kids only a half hour into the ride. Plus, you'll want to make sure your phone is constantly charged and in sight for you to follow your navigation. We've got you covered with these featured products.


iBOLT sPro2™ Headrest Viewer

Switch Headrest: The iBOLT switch headrest mount is a go-to whenever traveling more than an hour with kids in the car. It's easy to install and quickly and seamlessly folds away when the kids are done using it, if they're ever done! It's designed for the Nintendo Switch but will also fit most smartphones, making it the perfect fit for any family and for kids of all ages. Plus, it's adjustable to ensure it meets all passengers of all heights at their most comfortable eye level for optimal viewing. They can either use it to play games, watch the latest show on Netflix (Stranger Things, anyone?), or FaceTime with their friends to update them on all the great things they've seen so far on the trip. This is truly a must-have. You'll never find yourself leaving home without it!

iBOLT sPro2 Headrest Viewer: The iBOLT sPro2 headrest mount is another favorite option for backseat entertainment. With the ability to clip onto the back of a car seat’s headrest, this gives kids and other passengers a bit more of that home theater feel while having the screen a bit closer to them and more at eye level. It’s extremely easy to install and is designed to fit most smartphones, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch. It can easily be adjusted including being tilted. Your kids will feel like they are back at home with their own personal screen right in front of them. Easily fold it away when they doze off after watching their favorite movie or show


For iPhone users: The ChargeDock Lightning is one of the most reliable docks you could have for your phone. You'll never have to worry about hitting a bump on the road or making that sharp turn that you almost missed, and having your phone jump into the air with you or slide out of its holder. It can stick anywhere and on any surface. The dock has 4 device-safe magnets to secure your phone into the holder, plus a tightening ring. This mount will make sure that your phone isn't going anywhere once it's hooked up to the ChargeDock Lightning. Plus, it's super easy and convenient to connect to your Apple CarPlay with our MFI Apple-approved charge and sync cable so you can play that road trip playlist you've put together. The iBOLT sync cable will also keep you charging, so you will never have to look for that charging cable again. No more loose cables, no more hassle, and no more sliding phones. Road tripping has never been easier.


For the Android Users: The cPro NFC Combo Car Dock is the best way to use your Android or Samsung phone securely and seamlessly while on the road. This flexible USB Type C NFC-enabled car-dock will allow you optimal viewing of your GPS and easily access your road trip playlist. One of the best features is the built-in NFC tag that will launch the "Dock'n Drive" Android App. It turns your phone into a virtual driving assistant. You will never have to worry about the co-pilot falling asleep ever again. The cPro has a unique and patented design that allows it to fit nearly any model phone case, so you never have to worry about taking your phone out of its protective case to slide it into the dock. iBOLT has truly thought of everything. All you have to do is get into your car, slide your phone into the dock, and drive.


For the Tablet Users: Yes, phones are super convenient, and we take them everywhere. But honestly, we find ourselves still bringing our tablets for the ride, especially on longer trips. Sometimes it's just easier to check email and work on projects with the larger screen that a tablet provides. The TabDock Console is a heavy-duty, reliable mounting solution for all tablets due to its universal design. In addition to having a universal fit for nearly all tablets, the mount is specifically designed to install directly in any car, truck, or vehicle's cup holder. Thanks to the expandable cup holder base that comes included, the heavy-duty TabDock Console is compatible with cupholders ranging in size from standard to extra-large. It's also completely adjustable, with the ability to rotate a full 360 for optimal viewing. So, while everyone else has stopped for a bathroom break and to grab some snacks inside a rest station, you can shut your phone off and turn to your tablet to catch up on some emails, the news, or Facebook.

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