It’s that time of year again. Parents, teachers, and kids all pack into the car and head off to Target and Walmart, running up and down the aisles to load up on school supplies for the upcoming school year. However, school now looks different for a lot of students. Many students are fully remote or on a hybrid schedule, whereas others are back in the classrooms full-time. This means that some students need different supplies than others to help ensure they are set up for success in their learning modality. iBOLT has several products that will help students no matter how they attend class this year.


iBOLT™ TabStand Pro
iBOLT™ TabStand Pro
Tabdock™ FixedPro Clamp
Tabdock™ FixedPro Clamp

Many students, especially those taking courses remotely, prefer to use tablets for courses. They’re lightweight but durable, and the screen is big enough to easily watch videos and complete assignments. However, many students find themselves straining their necks and backs hunched over while working on their tablets. Here are a few products to help students work with their tablets much easier.


TabStand Pro: With iBOLT’s TabStand Pro, students can mount their tablet to their eye level so that they can work or log into their e-learning courses much more comfortably. It’s designed to rest directly on a table, countertop, desk, or any flat surface so they can use it at home and bring it to school. It’s lightweight design allows students to pick it up and bring it wherever they need to, making it the perfect tool for students who rotate between classrooms or college students who constantly move around campus. Its universal design fits most, if not all, tablets and rotates 360 degrees, making collaborating with other students much easier.


Tabdock FixedPro: Similar to the TabStand Pro, the Tabdock FixedPro makes working with tablets significantly easier. The Tabdock has a clamp that allows you to install it directly onto your desk, making this the ideal product for those who learn remotely and have a stationary desk for doing their assignments and logging into their lectures/classes. It’s also great for students who need to install their products onto wheelchairs. With its two swivel balls and 360-degree rotation, you can place your tablet at an optimal view position. The C-Clamp mount can be adjusted to fit the ideal surface’s width. The mount extends to 10" tall, allowing it to adjust to your preferred height completely.


One of the most convenient devices for students to use is one that they most likely already have in their back pocket, a smartphone. It’s small, convenient, and gets the job done. Not only is it already used by students of all ages, but even teachers use their smartphones to stream, record, and upload lessons and lectures from their classroom or the convenience of their home. iBOLT has several products that make schooling with smartphones a breeze.

 iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL: The iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL is a flexible tripod for your smartphone, GoPro, or camera, making this the perfect solution for teachers who find themselves recording lessons frequently or students who want to watch those lessons without the hassle of having to hold their phone for an hour. It’s highly flexible and lightweight, so you can stand, bend, or wrap the tripod however you like and take it with you anywhere. With legs that extend up to 11”, the iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL is ideal for live streaming lessons, making social media videos, participating in virtual studies, distance learning, making tutorial videos, and much more. iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL Flexible 3-in-1 11 inch Tripod for Smartphones, Cameras, and GoPros
 iBOLT Stream-Cast sPro2 Phone Stand: Similar to the iBOLT Tripod, the iBOLT Stream-Cast sPro2 is an excellent solution for smartphones and small tablets. It’s designed to rest directly on any flat surface, making it easy to use and carry wherever you go. This device is perfect for streaming live lessons or making videos for assignments, with the pole expanding from 17.5” to 28.5” tall. It also stabilizes your videos, and the base keeps any device it holds in place, making this the ideal solution for remote, hands-free learning and teaching! iBOLT Stream-Cast sPro2™ Phone Stand- Weighted Base Mount
iBOLT Stream-Cast Creator Custom Mount Kit: This is the ultimate creator bundle that includes everything a student or teacher could need for creating custom content such as videos for assignments or lessons and participating in live remote classes. With over 60 different variations and combinations, this kit can mount multiple devices at once, allowing users to create overhead tutorial videos, watch live streams while recording them, and much more. With the stabilizing feature and mounts for all your devices, this kit is perfect for distance learning, Zoom calls, Twitch streams, and shooting tutorial videos and photos. iBOLT Stream-Cast Creator Custom mount kit with over 60 variations- great for live streaming tutorial videos and photos

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