The Benefits of Going Paperless in Schools

Technology has completely changed nearly every aspect of our lives. The significant advancements we've seen in the past decade, or even just the past five years alone, are technological achievements our grandparents thought they would only see in sci-fi movies. As convenient, more efficient, and more productive as our smartphones, tablets, and laptops make our everyday lives, they can have the same benefits within a classroom setting.


Gone are the days of students lugging their books back and forth from home and school. With iPads and tablets, students can have all their books, homework, and assignments in one convenient, portable, and lightweight device. Going paperless is also a much greener option than using textbooks and workbooks. Many textbooks become outdated within a few years and need to be replaced. With an iPad or tablet, students can download the latest textbook without all the paper waste.



Doing math problems on sheets of paper can be a bit stale and boring. A lot of students, especially those who are a bit younger, tend to lose focus in the classroom out of boredom. Tablets and iPads have features and apps that can turn learning into a game, keeping students engaged and wanting to learn. Finishing a homework assignment can score points like defeating that boss at the end of a level, and getting through another chapter in a book can earn you a medal for leveling up in your class. Plus, the apps found on tablets and iPads will allow for more creative learning. Students can turn their papers into presentations and make movies from Show and Tell. How they can learn and express themselves is seemingly limitless.

Tablets and iPads are also better equipped with ADA-compliant accessibility features, allowing students with disabilities much more independence. Many students find holding a pen or pencil difficult, and the concept of interacting with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor can feel overwhelming. With a tablet or iPad, the screen and font size can be adjusted and enlarged to suit every individual student's needs. The touchscreen and single-screen functions are elementary for almost all students.

The benefits of bringing technology to classrooms are undoubted. iBOLT Mounts wants to help students protect their devices so they can continue learning in the most practical, efficient, and fun way possible. We offer several products to help students, parents, and teachers all feel comfortable having delicate iPads and tablets in classrooms.

From dual stands such as our iBOLT Stream-Cast Dual Phone and Tablet Stand to our more heavy-duty mounts for tablets and iPads, iBOLT can help ensure that those tablets remain safe. Our products are lightweight and portable, so students can easily pack them in their backpacks along with their tablets and bring them to class with them. Our mounts are also extremely easy to use. Just take the mount out, lock in your device, attach it to the desk, and your students are ready to learn without worrying about their tablet or phone being knocked over or going anywhere! Our mounts are also highly adjustable, so students can adjust them to their preferred height and eye level so that they aren't hunching over their desks or trying to collaborate with their classmates by hovering over one screen. Additionally, the mounts are universal and fit almost any tablet or iPad, even with a protective case around them.

Learning can now be truly hands-free. Students can create videos without worrying about a shaky lens, watch recorded teaching sessions easily, and focus more by keeping the tablet in their frame at their optimal viewing height. Swipe away at those homework questions without worrying about swiping your tablet right off your desk with iBOLT Mounts.

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