iBOLT™ 80mm Suction Cup Adhesive Dash Discs

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Expand your mounting options with the iBOLT 80mm Dash Disc Combo Pack. Compatible with any 80mm suction mount and featuring strong 3M adhesive for easy installation, it's the ideal solution for secure and versatile device mounting in your vehicle.


  • CREATE A PERFECT MOUNTING SURFACE: The iBOLT 80mm Dash Disc Combo Pack includes two adhesive discs, enabling you to establish a smooth, flat surface on your dashboard for secure suction cup mounting of your favorite devices.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY & FLEXIBILITY: These adhesive discs are designed to work seamlessly with any 80mm suction cup mount, offering unparalleled flexibility for mounting smartphones, GPS units, or tablets in your vehicle.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE, EASY INSTALLATION: Equipped with a robust 3M adhesive backing, these discs ensure a strong bond to your dashboard without leaving residue behind, making installation quick and maintenance hassle-free.
  • The iBOLT 80mm Dash Disc Combo Pack has an 80mm diameter for each disc. This standard size ensures a perfect fit for almost all suction mounts, providing you with the optimum area for a secure fit.
  • Compatible Devices

    TabDock Holder

    Fits 7 to 10 inch Tablets

    25mm Clamp Mount

    Great for Mounting on Carts, Strollers, Wheelchairs, and Tables

    BizMount Arm

    Build and Attach Holders and Bases with Our Industry Standard 25mm Dual Ball Mount Arm

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