iBOLT 17mm Clamp Mount for Handlebars, Poles, Posts- For GoPro Hero Action Cameras, ¼ 20" Camera Screw

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SKU: IBCM-34617
The iBOLT 17mm Clamp for Handlebars Poles and posts is great for mounting your GoPro or action camera or any other ¼ 20 accessories where you need it most. Use your GoPro or Action camera as a dash-cam on your motorcycle or bicycle or mount your Garmin GPS system with the 17mm ball to get directions.


  • INCLUDES- This kit includes an industry-standard 17mm Clamp mount, a ¼ 20” camera screw adapter, and a GoPro adapter with a screw.
  • SPECS: The mount fits on bicycle or motorcycle handlebars measuring 12mm to 40mm in diameter and is easy to install with a twist of a knob. Great for mounting on tripod legs, handlebars, poles, golf carts, rails, wheelchairs, etc.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: GoPro Adapter: Screw-on Gopro adapter onto the 1/4 20” camera screw adapter. Remove “pin screw” and slide in the GoPro. Replace Pin and screw it in tightly. Place clamp on handlebar, post, or pole fully opened and use the tightening knob to secure.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with all industry-standard 17mm smartphone holders and Garmin GPS devices. Compatible with all GoPro Hero Action cameras including GoPro HERO9, HERO9 MAX, HERO8, HERO7, and small camera and accessories with a ¼ 20” camera screw mounting pattern.

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