iBOLT™ FixedPro 360 6.5 inch Aluminum Extension arm

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Enhance your device mounting with the universal 6.5-inch 20mm Socket Arm from iBOLT. Comprised of high-strength aluminum, it extends compatibility to all industry standard 20mm mounts and adapters.


  • HEAVY DUTY- This Socket arm to 20mm Metal ball is made out of a strong aluminum material and works with all industry-standard 20mm ball adapters, mounts and accessories.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Commonly used to extend IBBZ-33768 or IBBZ-33943 and other industry standard 20mm ball adapters, mounts and accessories. Compatible with all 20mm mounts and adapters including the iBOLT FixedPro Series and other industry standard 20mm ball mounts and adapters.
  • LENGTH of this arm is 6.5 inches measuring from one end of the arm to the other.
  • EXTEND YOUR MOUNT - Great for extending your 20mm mount without an additional ball adapter. With the 20mm metal ball end it's easy to connect and expand your current 20mm mount system.
  • INCLUDES: 6.5 inch 20mm ball aluminum arm and optional heavy-duty ratcheting knob for heavier devices

Compatible Devices

TabDock Holder

Fits 7 to 10 inch Tablets

25mm Clamp Mount

Great for Mounting on Carts, Strollers, Wheelchairs, and Tables

BizMount Arm

Build and Attach Holders and Bases with Our Industry Standard 25mm Dual Ball Mount Arm

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