iBOLT™ iPro2 for iPhone 14 pro

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Drive safe and legal with the iPro2. The popular iPro2 Car Dock is now updated. Apple approved MFI( Made for iPhone) car and desk dock for the iPhone using a Lightning Connector. Now fits larger phones with updated top latch. The design of the dock leaves the camera view-free, and the 70 mm ROK II Suction Mount provides a vibration-free driving experience.


  • The iPro2 is compatible with most protective cases. The ROK III suction Mount has a suction cup with a sticky bottom, allowing attachment directly to any windshield or hard surface on the dashboard. A dash disc is included for soft dashboards. Note that the aux-cable is not accessible while the phone is in the car-dock.
  • By connecting a lightning cable (not included) to the USB port in the vehicle, or pairing via Bluetooth to the car-stereo (if A2DP is supported), the iPhone will automatically connect to the car-speakers and play your iTunes music, GPS turn-by-turn directions, and all sound from applications. Just make sure the car-stereo is set to USB/aux-in.
  • Charging: 6.5” (2 meter) integrated charging cable. Plug USB-end into car USB port (if available) or into a USB car charger (sold separately).
  • Mounting: Strong and vibration free ROK III Mount included. Attach on windshield or dashboard.
  • Case compatibility: Works with most cases. Opening in bottom of case must be 10.5 mm or larger (MFI standard). Virtually all standard cases work and most Otterbox Commuter (not Defender & Lifeproof models).
  • Dock design leaves camera view open.
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