Stream-Cast Stand Adjustable Overhead Phone Mount for Live Streaming

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SKU: IBSC-34607
Transform your content creation with the iBOLT Stream-Cast Stand, an Overhead phone mount where your imagination meets innovation. Designed for both novices and experienced artists, it offers a seamless, hands-free experience for capturing unique overhead views.


  • UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY - The iBOLT Stream-Cast Stand is more than just a mount; it's a tool that frees your imagination. Whether you're an aspiring social media influencer or a seasoned artist looking to share your process, the flexibility and stability of this clamp empowers you to create content from unique perspectives. Your live streams and tutorial videos will never be confined to flat screens again, adding more dimensions to your storytelling.
  • EASE-OF-USE - The hands-free operation of the iBOLT Stream-Cast Stand ensures a smooth content creation process where your focus remains in the frame. With its intuitive spring-loaded phone holder and an adjustable clamp, you can easily stabilize your device, enabling you to create professional-grade photos, videos, and live streams without distractions.
  • CREATE- overhead live stream, tutorial videos, or photos with your phone with the iBOLT Stream-Cast Stand. This stand makes it easy to record overhead or front-facing videos with its 3 adjustable arms.
  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE- This mount rotates 360 degrees and infinite angles with the 3 adjustable arms. The Pole expands from 17.5” tall to 28.5” tall and the 3 lb weighted base holds the mount securely without tipping.
  • PHONE AND CASE COMPATIBLE- Spring loaded phone holder adjusts to fit phone and case combinations from 2.25”-3.75”.
  • STABILIZES your phone, for pictures, videos, and livestreams. No more shaky camera shots! Easy to use so your hands can be free to create content and so you can focus on what is in frame.
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