iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL Flexible 3-in-1 :11 inch Tripod for Smartphones, Cameras, and GoPros

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SKU: IBMC-34610
Capture every moment on the go effortlessly with the iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL, a highly versatile and portable tripod designed for all smartphones, GoPros, and cameras. With its flexible legs that can wrap around any structure and compatibility with all 2.2"-3.7" devices, this tripod is an exceptional tool for live streaming, video calls, and content creation anywhere, any time.


  • The iBOLT Tripod miniPro XL is a flexible tripod for your smartphone, gopro, or camera. It features a ¼ 20 camera screw, smartphone holder adapter, and goPro adapter. Easy to take with you on the go and wraps around poles, poles, gates, etc. with its flexible tripod legs.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits all Smartphones From 58mm-94mm (2.2"-3.7"), including iPhone 11 pro/ Samsung Galaxy 11/ iPhone 10 /iPhone SE. Works with most Cases and works with all GoPros and digital cameras.
  • PORTABLE: Flexible tripod legs allow you to stand, bend, or wrap the tripod. The Tripod miniPro kit includes a universal miniPro Smartphone holder and GoPro adapter.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: miniPro Universal Smartphone Holder: Press the spring-loaded latch to the right when inserting vertically. Turn the cradle and push the latch up or down if inserting the phone horizontally.GoPro Adapter: Screw on Gopro adapter onto the tripod base. Remove “pin screw” and slide in the GoPro. Replace Pin and screw in tightly.
  • GREAT PHONE STAND: for Live Streaming, social media, working at home Zoom calls, distance learning, making tutorial videos, etc. This portable tripod features 11-inch flexible legs, a bubble level, a smartphone holder, ¼ camera screw, and a Gopro adapter.
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