Having the best equipment is essential as we approach the warmer weather, and you want to take your boat out on the lake on those warm spring and summer days. One such piece of equipment is a fish finder, which will help you land the biggest fish. No matter what model of fish finder you have, GARMIN or Hummingbird, universal iBOLT mounts are your best option to secure your unit to your boat or kayak. iBOLT creates products that last over time and produces a variety of outdoor mounts for fishing and boating equipment. No matter what gear you have on your fishing expedition, iBOLT has a mount for that! iBOLT mounts are a angler’s friend and are an excellent addition for fish finders and other fishing equipment, not to mention there is a myriad of other uses on your fishing boat. The universal mounts are easy to incorporate for outdoor use, and iBOLT has various ball sizes and diameters to fit any fishing gear.

Fish finding units are a perfect tool to help you locate nearby fish and make the most out of your fishing trip! Whether fishing for big game fish or trolling small rivers and streams, a fish finder can be the difference between a good haul or no fish. Although iBOLT's fish finder mounts are universal, they work best with the GARMIN STRIKER™ line of fish finder products. The GARMIN STRIKER™ line is a handy fishing tool with a 3.5-inch color display featuring CHIRP sonar with a range of over 200 feet.

Strikers are not only an effective way to find fish, but you can also mark spots that you want to return to later. You can use the screen built into the device, but the Garmin STRIKER™ 4 has an easily accessible app on your phone or tablet. There is even an ice-fishing flasher mode with gain range and more. The Striker also sports fish icons and fish images, so you know exactly where to drop your lines. You will easily be able to mount the Garmin STRIKER™  on your iBOLT mount and then, in turn, mount the fish finder to your boat.

Today, we will go into more depth about the varieties of mounts for your fish finder. iBOLT is the premier manufacturer of professional-grade mounts. iBOLT mounts work with virtually any fish-finding unit. iBOLT mounts are durable, compatible with industry standards, and optimal for outdoor use. Mount sizes range in sizes and AMPS configurations. iBOLT has a large variety of mounts that you can fit onto just about any boat or fishing gear. Now let's talk about how easy it is to use a fish finder mount and how seamless it is to mount it to your boat. The fish finder mounts are all rubber-coated and come with a dual ball mounting arm, which is excellent for mounting fish finders or other marine equipment. iBOLT mounts can be mounted to any plate surface. The mounts are made of sturdy material and have industry standard hole patterns that will work in all standard AMPS plates. Now, on to the specific equipment and different iBOLT fish finder mounts.

 iBOLT™ 38mm / 1.5 inch Universal Marine Electronic Fish Finder to Composite AMPS Mount iBOLT™ 38mm / 1.5 inch Ball Composite Universal Marine Fish Finder Mounting Plate
iBOLT™ 38mm / 1.5 inch Universal Marine Electronic Fish Finder to Composite AMPS Mount iBOLT™ 38mm / 1.5 inch Ball Composite Universal Marine Fish Finder Mounting Plate


These specific mounts are compatible with fish finders and made of heavy-duty composite material. Each mount listed here has specifications and properties ideal for outdoor use. Let's examine some of the different types of mounts from iBOLT that are available for use with fish finders and can also mount a GoPro action camera, in case you also want to get some good images out on the water:

iBOLT 25mm/1-inch Composite Universal Marine Electronic Fish Finder to Composite Universal Marine Rectangular AMPS Drill base:

The B-size IBOLT composite Universal Electronic Fish Finder mount is a perfect choice for your next fishing outing and is made of heavy-duty material designed to weather any fishing trip as well as inclement weather conditions. This mount is ideal for attaching Marine Electronic Equipment and vehicle-specific AMPS pattern devices. It has brackets for permanently installing your unit onto your watercraft, ensuring that your fish finder is always secured.

This mount is compatible with AMPS mounts and adapters and works best with the Striker and the LOWRANCE HDR 9.12 fish finder/electronic equipment. The drill pattern is an industry-standard 30 x 38" 4- hole pattern that will work with all standard AMPS plates. The 1-inch bizmount arm measures 3.75 inches, and the ball adapters are already attached. This is an excellent mount if you want to guarantee that your fish finder will always be with you whenever you leave the dock.

iBOLT 38mm /1.5-inch Composite Universal Marine Electronic Fish Finder to Composite AMPS Drill Mount:

This mount is perfect for all fish finding equipment. It comes with a 1.5-inch Composite Universal Marine Electronic equipment plate and a 1.5-inch rectangular aluminum ball mount. The drill pattern is also up to industry standards, so you should have no trouble using it on your boat or watercraft. Using this mount your device can be permanently installed, and is compatible with most fish finders, including the Striker. The mount has standard 1.5-inch/38 mm mounting arms. It is 5.75 inches long, has a 3.5" composite bizmount with 38mm grips, and is a sturdy, lightweight, and easy to use mount that should have no trouble securing to your boat. It is also compatible with all specific AMPS mounts and adapter plates, so it should work with any fish finder you use on your fishing outings.

3.8 mm/1.5-inch Composite Diamond AMPS pattern to ¼ 20-inch Composite Camera Dual Ball Screw Mount:

iBOLT mounts are not just for securing your fish finder; they can also have the dual purpose of mounting a GoPro action camera or other photographic equipment along with your fish-finding device. This C-size mount is ideal for attaching your ¼ inch camera or any camera accessories you may be bringing to the great outdoors. This mount will allow you to affix your camera and other devices to a flat surface while still having an industry-standard 2-hole drill hole pattern and vehicle-specific AMPS patterns. It also has an industry-standard ¼ 20" camera screw pattern. There is no excuse not to flex your photographic abilities and talents next time you go fishing. Because if you have an iBOLT mount you can rest assured that both your camera equipment AND your fish finder will be entirely safe and secure while fishing on your boat.

No matter which mounts you go with, iBOLT provides universal mounts compatible with many types of fish finders and delivers affordable, reliable products with versatility. These mounts for your fish finder will undoubtedly give you the security and peace of mind you need while going out into the water and successfully catching those fish!

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