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Warranty, Returns & Replacements

How long is iBOLT's warranty?
Please review our warranty page.
Will I need proof of purchase?
Yes. Proof of purchase is required for all warranties. Valid proof of purchase includes receipts, confirmation emails, Amazon order numbers, etc.
How do I file a warranty claim?
Fill out the form on this page and a representative will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.
Can I return the product I bought?
If you have bought your product within the last 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund. You don't even have to provide a reason for returning it (though we would appreciate the input).

Fill out the form on this page and a representative will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours. We will provide you with an address to mail your package to. We do not pay for shipping on returns.

Questions about compatiblity

Which product works with my device?
One each product page we try to add the latest phone and tablet models. We also include how wide each device holder opens so you can measure your device with your case to see if it's compatible.

Still have questions if your device is compatible? Contact us, We would be happy to help!
Will this mount work with something I already have installed?
iBOLT Offers a wide variety of industry standard 17mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm / 1 inch, 38mm / 1.5 inch, 57mm / 2.25 inch ball adapters and mounts that are compatible with other mounting company solutions. On each product page we state which ball/ adapter size the mount is compatible with so you can compare with the mounting solution you already have.

Don't see the adapter or mount you need? Contact us! We manufacture new parts all the time and we may have that part available.

Dock'n Drive

Where do I download the Dock'n Drive app?
iBOLT, unfortunately, is no longer investing in our Dock'n Drive app/Docmode apps, due to Apple Carplay, and Android Auto being installed in many new vehicles, of various Manufacturers. There are other 3rd party apps out there; however, you must do that research, if your vehicle doesn't have Apple Carplay or Android Auto built in to it, and you want a similar app to the Dock'n Drive app.

We appreciate your support of our application over the years!

How to "Reactivate" suction cup base

My suction cup base isn’t sticking anymore, how do I fix this?
All of our adhesive suction cup mounts are completely reusable. If the suction cup mount is no longer sticking on your windshield or dashboard follow these directions:

1. Rinse the bottom of the suction cup with warm water and mild soap

2. Remove any debris that may be sticking to the suction cup mount

3. Allow it to air dry and then the mount should be working properly

4. If this does not resolve your issue, contact us! We back all of our products with a two year warranty and would be happy to help!

Other Questions

Is there a users manual for my dock?
For video instructions, go to Our Youtube page.
How do I make the spring tension on my xProDock not as tight?
Follow the instructions in this video to remove one of the springs.
Why isn't there a seperate Car Dock mode on my Samsung?
Unfortunately Samsung no longer supports traditional "car-mode" for new handsets like the Note II and Galaxy S4. Going forward there is only one mode for docking. We are calling this "DockMode" in all videos and text. From a user experience there is virtually no difference between the two, previously separate, "car-mode" and "desktop-mode". "DockMode" supports the automatic triggering of a docking app and aux-out through the microUSB. The only limitation is that car-mode placed all icons on the home screen horizontally, something that DockMode does not do.

From user perspective, the only potential drawback is if you are using a "home dock" and connecting to a different app than the ones listed above, which start automatically (we are not aware of any except Samsung's default Calendar/Clock). However, if this is the case, we would recommend using our "Dock'n Drive" application or CarHome Ultra, and set a shortcut to your preferred apps used at home. We have worked with developers like CarHome Ultra and Ulysse Speedometer, so their driving apps are triggering when using our products. Also note that TuneIn and Slacker Radio can be triggered to be the "home screen" application.